EIDEIN provides consolidated general management and coordinated oversight for a range of property, procurement, risk management and central services to meet the operational needs of client programs and services...

EIDEIN is not a Brand or a Product

EIDEIN is a General Services Bureau writing United States Publications of Culture in Brooklyn New York

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General Services Bureau divisions include:

  • DIVISION OF LEASED SPACE (LS) Leased Space locates, negotiates and holds all real property leases required by scope of work to ensure those leases are to the best economic advantage to the client. 
  • DIVISION OF PURCHASES (DOP) Purchases has one primary purpose - to directly purchase or review/approve agency purchases of goods and services supporting the needs of the client.  The Division of Purchases ensures that these purchasing transactions are made on a 'best value' basis, ensuring both quality and cost effectiveness, and that the transactions are made in a fair, open and a competitive manner. 
  • DIVISION OF CENTRAL FLEET MANAGEMENT (CFM) Central Fleet Management was established to procure, distribute, and dispose of passenger and vehicles cost-effectively by consolidating vehicle use through a single client.
      • TC: The Comm Center provides a wide range of technology and communication services for clients.
      • SP: The Surplus Property Division disposes of surplus property that is no longer needed by the client that purchased it.  The Division conducts sales, property offered for bid, periodic public sales and public auctions. 

Kimino JPN/USA



Nigel Cabourn JPN/UK

Strasburgo JPN/HK

DohtonBori JPN/AUS

Nigel Cabourn


When Nigel reached out to us from Newcastle England with the idea of opening a larger store in Tokyo to act as his new Japan Flagship we quickly decided that the new store must keep its DNA within its neighborhood of birth, Nakameguro.


Freemans Sporting Club


Taavo Somer of Freemans called us from the Lower East Side of New York with questions. His lifestyle brand, Freemans Sporting Club had recently partnered with two Japanese firms to open a series of outposts beginning with a multi level Flagship Store in Tokyo.


Vice Media Inc 

Vice Media approached us from Brooklyn New York with a request. Their growing media company had just been invited to Japan by Google but Vice were having difficulty finding an office of their own. A VICE HQ Japan to call their own. They needed our help with company registration and then brokering a commercial real estate deal.




Strasburgo contacted Eidein from Tokyo Japan to consult for the launch of his new brand  prior to the opening of a lifestyle concept store in Futago Tamagawa.





building bridges
building bridges



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