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Nigel Cabourn is a British brand based in the United Kingdom. 

Nigel Cabourn Ltd is in charge of merchandising all Cabourn products produced in Europe and wholesaling in Europe and United States, its Japanese partner OUTER LIMITS CO. HQ'd in Nakameguro Tokyo is in charge of the merchandising and wholesaling of products produced in Japan and other Asian countries.

Nigel gets inspirations for his design work from over 4,000 pieces of vintage garments that he has painstakingly collected for over 30 years. It is very characteristic that Nigel himself splits his seasonal designs in two and gets part of his collection produced in the UK (Authentic Line) and the other part in Japan (Main Line).

He selects styles for the Authentic Line when using European fabrics such as Harris Tweed, Ventile etc and/or when he wants them to be produced by British manufacturers such as Mackintosh.

The Main Line collection (Japan) gives him the chance to produce a specialist collection based on Japanese fabrics and production techniques not available in the UK.

This creates a unique situation where the two lines, Authentic and Main Line, begin with the same concept but then go on to use multiple countries and fabrics in which to produce the garments.

Nigel has a long relationship with Japan stretching back 35 years. His first store opened in Harajuku during the boom years of the Japanese economy in the 1980s.

Fast forward to the year 2010 and Nigels flagship 'ARMY GYM' opens in Nakameguro.

Nigel approached us in 2013 while in planning stages with his Japanese partner Sam from Outerlimits Co. to open a larger store in Tokyo to act as his New Flagship. We then worked together as a team deciding that the new store should keep the brands DNA in its Tokyo neighborhood of birth - Nakameguro.

Six months later we were ready to open on Feb 7th 2014 and by this time our consultancy had extended to include not only the initial store location also production of the Flagship store opening, PR, operations, environment and music.

We sourced creative store models dressed in the latest season of Cabourn apparel as a 'living display' mingling throughout the store during the opening with invited guests.

For food catering at the opening we approached cult bakery and cafe group Takibi Bakery.

Andrew from Cabourn HQ in the UK brought a set of beautiful Limited Edition Expedition Stamps from London. The stamps which relate to Scott and his Antarctic expedition were mounted in a beautiful frame and presented to Nigel at the shop opening.

The stamps remain there still to this day sitting on the wall not far from a recent addition (2018) of an absolutely classic pristine 1950's Juke Box. 

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