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In Q3 of 2012 Taavo Somer (Owner/Founder of Freemans Sporting Club) approached us from New York with a request.Taavo's FSC brand had recently partnered with two Japanese firms to open a series of outposts beginning with a multi level Flagship Store in Tokyo. It was to be the first FSC store to open outside of the United States.Understandably the founder wanted the DNA of his iconic Lower East Side brand to multiply AND flourish in it's new home, Japan. Eidein was contracted for 12 months as the brand localization studio to represent FSC during this important new beginning.

Our first priority was to view the chosen building in its 'skeleton state' prior to construction. After viewing we advised Taavo the following The surounding area, Aoyama was a strategic location for his brand as it is considered to be the center of mid to high end Fashion Brands. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel etc all opened their first Japan stores in the Aoyama district.The building itself was a multi-level multi-layered concrete built structure that could well accomodate the many facets of the Freemans Brand.Throughout this period Taavo was traveling to Tokyo from New York every month as we liased with him every step of the way from Q3 2012 thru to the opening of his Tokyo Flagship in Q2 of 2013.

We extended our localization services to include us traveling to New Yorkin Q1 of 2013 to view the DNA of Freemans Sporting Club - itsManhattanhub of FSC LifeStyle located on none other than Freemans Alley in the Lower East Side.

Upon returning to Tokyo we accelerated our advisory focus leading up to the Grand Opening in April. This included the following -

Digital Marketing and PR

We created the FSC Tokyo Tumblr that would showcase a constant feed of all instagrams hashtagged #fsctokyo

Influencer Marketing and PR

We were able to confirm attendance to the Grand Opening by the following celebrity actors we believed encompassed the Japanese Male aesthetic of the FSC Brand

Operations and Staffing

We sourced the best supplier of single origon coffee in Tokyo, Nozy Coffee

We advised on the application and usage of a handbuilt Synesso Coffee Machine

We recommmended menu listings, spirits and wine selection, and liased with World reknowned Barman Jim Meehan for the creation of an exclusive FSC Tokyo Cocktail List containing standouts like The Bitter Truth and Get Lucky!


We advised on the wall location of Freemans iconic collection of taxidermy shipped in from the United States (This was a first for us!)


We curated playlists to match each individual floors aesthetic

  • 3F Barbershop - 1960's Soul and Funk
  • 2F Suiting - 1970's Smokey back room Jazz
  • 1F Sportswear - 1960's ~ 80's World Psychadelica
  • B1 Restaurant - All of the above and more - Disco, Soul, Funk Indie Rock, Jazz, and Psychadelic Folk


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