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In Q4 of 2012 VICE MEDIA representatives in New York approached EIDEIN with a Publication Request. In Japan they had recently established a virtual Vice Japan and needed an office to act as their foundation from which to build their Vice Japan team. 

After viewing the Publication Vice requested EIDEIN tender an Applied General Service contract to Vice in New York with the scope of work to include but not be limited to finding an appropriate office building in Central Tokyo.

The requirements for their Japan HQ were as follows -

  • Strategically located in a central area within the 23 wards of Greater Tokyo

  • A building reflective of VICE MEDIA's Williamsburg HQ located in Brooklyn, New York.

  • The ability to accomodate rapid company growth

We began by pinpointing 4 districts regarded as distinct units because of their particular characteristics.

  1. Shibuya
  2. Nakameguro
  3. Aoyama
  4. Sendagaya

Having often dealt with property brokers in Tokyo EIDEIN already had established relationships and extensive real estate experience and as such, were able to quickly connect with various agents local to the 4 districts. Within these districts, the end goal essentially was to find a landlord who owned a 'hip building' that would accomodate VICE MEDIA JAPAN.

Over the course of the next 6 months EIDEIN inspected multiple properties before settling on three buildings and then advised VICE MEDIA in New York on how to put Commercial Lease Applications down for them. One after the other until...

In Sendagaya, an 'on the cusp' neighborhood in West Tokyo one particular building caught our interest.

It was located by the newly built Jingu Gaen Station on the recently opened subway the Fukutoshin linking Shinjuku to Shibuya, Nakameguro and Yokohama. 

Note: all of the above listed neighborhoods are strategic cultural Tokyo Youth hubs.

Sendagaya Strategic Positioning Points of Interest -

  • Spiritual Foundations - built around 明治神宮 Meiji Jingū a Shinto Shrine in close proximity to Harajuku Station - Magic happens here.

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics - close proximity to Sendagaya Station andMeiji Jingu Station both are important transport links for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics

  • Ura Harajuku - Famous Japanese Street Brands built their Foundations here during the bubble years of the late 1980s - Jun Takahashis Undercover, Nigos A Bathing Ape, Shinsuke TakizawasNeighborhood, Tets W-Taps and more.

After 6 months of work EIDEIN had arrived at the final (and arguably the most important) stage of the AGS contract -

  1. Lease Application
  2. Broker Negotiation
  3. Agent Negotiation
  4. Landlord Negotiation

This crucial 4 Step Process took EIDEIN approx 60 days (2 months) before VICE Media Japan we able to sign and move into their first ever Japan HQ in August of 2013.

From briefing, inspection, negotiation, to confirmation of contract EIDEIN delivered on time and within budget. Vice Media moved into their Japan Head Office building by September of 2013 and have been there ever since. 

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