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Strasburgo is a bespoke suiting and lifestyle brand from Japan, founded in Kansai in the year 1990 as Lidea Kabushiki Kaisha by charismatic owner Junji Tajima. Strasburgo introduced the idea of the Bottega (Italian for an artist studio) or in this case, a bespoke tailor, to the refined tastes of a well dressed Japanese gentlemen. Items from many of Italy's largest luxury suiting brands (such as Eton) have elements of tradition and culture that speak volumes to Strasburgo's core demographic of sartorial men.

Strasburgo's founder and owner Junji Tajima contracted Eidein to consult his brand on the opening of a lifestyle concept store in Futago Tamagawa in mid 2013. The store was to be called Indispensible Strasburgo and would have lifestyle elements of his existing brand/s as well as new items such as bicycles, mens grooming products, interior decorations and more.

Eidein gave brand consultation and feedback for the following

Brand and ID

Video and Photographic style

Brand Personality (Manifesto)

Social, PR + Influencer Marketing

Brand Expansion


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